Du 10 au 20 septembre 2020
Départ le dimanche 13 septembre 2020
Village public quai Vendeuvre

 Yesterday afternoon, we sailed past Plymouth and luckily my parents, who live not that far from there, were not at home. The temptation to visit might have been to strong, especially given the conditions we were expecting for the night. We used the time on approach to Land 's End to prepare (eat a hot meal, put on waterproof clothing, hats, boots, stack the boat appropriately etc) for what promised to be an unpleasant night, and we were not disappointed. Horrible slamming into short steep waves in 20+ knots of wind, upwind all the way.
Today the conditions have abated and the slamming is less frequent. The wind is forecast to continue dropping as the high pressure moves in. Lots of sunshine anyway. Earlier we were trying to work out which of our competitors had pulled off a move that looked like they would cross a long way ahead, only to realise as it got closer that the boat in question was going a lot faster than a Class40 - it was the MOD 70 Gitana which crossed our bow, followed by Foncia a few minutes later. They were merely going at about 18 knots upwind...
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