Du 10 au 20 septembre 2020
Départ le dimanche 13 septembre 2020
Village public quai Vendeuvre

After a few days hanging around in Caen, we were eager to get into the racing that we came here for. We got off to an average start at around 1700, failing to pick our spot on the line earlier enough meant we were lucky to round the windward mark in 7th. From there, we managed a fantastic hoist and were able to get into a good mode and lane early on, this showed to pay off massively as we rounded the leeward mark, and left the Inshore course, in first.

We are now tacking westwards for another 25miles before rounding the Marcouf Islands and heading across the Channel to leave the Isle of wight to port. There are 4 boats all fairly even at the front and thankfully we are still one of them. Currently we have alot more wind than is forecasted and we are enjoying it as we don 't expect it to last.

Ned has already noticed my high speed eating habits and realising it will be a stretch or starve eating arrangement for the next 5days. Otherwise lots seaweed, a bit wet, some blood(thankfully not from a falling out yet) and 2 happy crew.

All for now